Pass The Time With Mahjong Solitaire


If you have free time, Mahjong Solitaire is a great game to play to pass the time. What was once played using a pile of actual tiles is now available in the online version. Many sites offer the classic Mahjong game. There are also other versions of the game like Mahjong towers, Mahjong quest, and Mahjong escape.


The main objective of playing Mahjong Solitaire lies in removing all the 144 tiles placed in its towers. It is essential that these tiles are removed in pairs of tiles having the same kind of characteristics and graphics. But, keep in mind, you can’t just pair any two tiles. It is essential that the left or right side of the tile be free and unblocked. It must be free of tiles on its top to get paired. At times different versions of the game may follow different principles.


Characters of the game


Most of the versions of Mahjong solitaire games have four tiles for each type of character. These characters include flowers, animals, seasons, trees, people, and other images. The different images are usually one of a kind. In some cases you can match and remove tiles based on its categories. This means a tree is paired with a tree. And a flower can be paired with another flower.


While it’s possible to randomly pick and match tiles to play the game, the strategy most players follow is to be selective in choosing tiles. It is better to pick tiles that offer open options, that can maintain continuity in the game, then to end up with tiles blocking the game.


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