Many players from around the world enjoy the game of mahjong. Although mahjong originated in China and is still far more popular in the East than in the West, the game can be found world-wide. As mahjong games began to be available online, the nature of the game changed somewhat. No longer does mahjong have to be a competitive game between four players, free mahjong is also now widely enjoyed online.

Playing Free Mahjong

There are different types of mahjong that are available – there is classic mahjong and all of its variations that are played between four players and there is mahjong solitaire that is played by one player. There are some players that participate in official mahjong games online, however mahjong is not commonly played professionally. It is more likely played by a person who enjoys the game and sits in front of the computer for some relaxation and enjoyment.

Types of Free Mahjong Games Online

There are different types of free mahjong games online and some are better than others. Most commonly, those who wish to play free mahjong online are likely to be playing the mahjong solitaire type of mahjong. This involves the simple procedure of clicking on two free, matching tiles to eliminate them from the board with the aim of eliminating all tiles.

It is possible to find free mahjong games of classic mahjong variations. These may be offered as a free trial of software downloads that allow players to trial the software with no risk or obligation before they pay for the download. These trials are limited.

Some online mahjong sites may offer free mahjong play as well as real money play. The free mahjong play is available as a service that allows players to trial the site, the software and the games at no risk to their bankroll. These sites offer the free mahjong mode with the expectation that after some time the player will switch over to real money mode and will become a paying customer at the site.

Differences in Free Mahjong Games

As with real money mahjong games, there are differences between the quality and playability of various free mahjong games. There are a number of different factors to take into account when you are rating the quality of the different free mahjong games that are available. These factors primarily include graphics and sounds, game features and options and the software.

Players may be required to pay to download the software that will then allow you to play free mahjong games or you may be able to download the software for free. Some mahjong games, such as Mahjong Titans, are available without having to download any software at all.

Before beginning to play a free mahjong game you must decide what you are looking for in the game and the reason that you are looking for a free game. This will help you to choose the right game for you, taking into account all of the aspects that create differences between them.