Mahjong game is becoming more and more famous nowadays, as it is available conveniently online. There are some places where enthusiastic gamers can enjoy playing online mahjong games. It can be difficult to choose the best mahjong games online.

It is important to narrow down your search to reliable websites. You can then look at the mahjong games offered by them and pick the best option from them.

Ability to Personalize Mahjong Games

If the online mahjong game websites offer you the ability to personalize the games, you can enjoy an exhilarating gaming experience. Though personalization will not change the whole game, you can make some simple changes in the background images, shape of the tiles, color and size of the tiles and so on, so that the game can be more appealing to you. You need to have the ability to choose full screen or windows to play the game.

Sounds and Graphics

Sounds and graphics vary from game to game. It is advisable to pick a game that comes with pleasant graphics and sounds. Loud music can be distractive and unpleasant. Choosing the game that comes with clear, crisp and bright graphics and good sound can augment the quality of your game play.

Mahjong Game Features

Each Mahjong game comes with a set of special features, which help make your game more enjoyable. Help or hint option is one of the most useful features that help you to solve the problem when you are struck. A reshuffle option is another useful feature that lets you reshuffle the tiles, if you cannot use any of them. Choose a game that offers bonuses for various combinations and time limits.

Fun Mode vs. Real Money Mode

The best online mahjong site is the one that offers free and real money games. If you are new to mahjong games, free games will be more appealing to you. You can choose free games, if you are new to the online environment or want to try other variations of the game. You can also confirm whether the mahjong site offers the features you want by playing in fun money mode. You can start playing for real money, once you get confidence.

Variations of Mahjong game

You can find the variations of mahjong game in the best online mahjong website. Some variations are famous in some countries. Playing mahjong games online eradicate the barriers between countries and let you enjoy playing variations of the game. The best mahjong site lets you broaden your horizons in the mahjong variations you choose to play.


The best mahjong websites allow you to access them from any place. They have software that supports game play in several languages. They offer customer service 24/7, so that players from any country can access them at the time they want. Customer support is available in multiple languages, so you can get your doubts clarified easily. The site that has players from all over the world will have a huge player base and it offers plenty of game options.