Mahjong is a game that has its roots in China. During 1920s, the game started growing in popularity in the western part of the world. Today, Mahjong is played in casinos all over the globe. It is also played extensively at online casinos. Like most of the other gambling games, Mahjong too has a number of variants. Each of these variants has a good fan following.

Also, every variant is unique in its own way. Hence, it is important for an individual to opt for the Mahjong version that is best suited for him/her. In order to choose the right one, one must understand the features and aspects associated with different Mahjong variants.

Mahjong Game – Classic Chinese variant

Classic Chinese is the original Mahjong variant. It is the same version that travelled to the west from China. Fortunately, this variant is very much available even today and no alterations and modifications have been done to it. Having said this, this variant has lost onto its popularity quotient, courtesy some of the latest and innovative Mahjong versions.

Mahjong Game – Hong Kong variant

This variant is certainly the most popular one today. It has a huge fan following. This variant is also known as Cantonese. There are a few similarities between Hong Kong and Classic Chinese variants. However, terms of scoring are what differs this variant from the classic version.

Mahjong Game – American variant

The American Mahjong Association has gone ahead and standardized this variant of the game. The game has gained tremendous popularity because of the features associated with it. The standard hand concept, Charleston, Joker tile usage and various terms of scoring are some of the highlights of this variant.

Mahjong Game – Japanese variant

This variant as the name would suggest, is standardized in Japan. It is far different when compared to the Classic version. Apart from features, this variant is different in terms of rules as well.

Mahjong Game – Western Classic variant

There are many similarities between this variant and the Classic Chinese one. However, Western Classic has been able to garnish more popularity in the United States.

Mahjong Solitaire

This variant of Mahjong is played individually. The ultimate objective of this variant is for a player to combine two tiles together which would further eliminate the tiles from the board. This variant is played with the help of mahjong tiles stacks.

In the Mahjong classic solitaire version, a player is declared as the winner if he/she is able to get rid of all the tiles from the board. Mahjong Titans is one of the most popular solitaire games. Oberon Games is responsible for developing this variant. It is available on Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7.

As mentioned earlier, Mahjong has a number of variants. Hence, while opting for a casino, especially land based one; make sure it is equipped with your favorite variant. More often than not, an online casino would offer all the variants under one roof.