Mahjong is a game of luck. However, acquiring some skills can help increase your chance of winning. Learning some tips to win at mahjong before you start playing the game can be more beneficial. Here are some tips and strategies that will help increase the chance of success.

Familiarize Yourself with the Rules of the Game

Mahjong game can be confusing, until you familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. The game involves Chinese characters, which make the game appear difficult. However, if you understand what each character represents and how to use them in the game, you will be able to take one step further to win mahjong.

It is crucial to learn various aspects of the game, from how to choose the dealer to creating sets of tiles. You also need to understand the differences between the variations of mahjong. Even a fine difference in the rule can change the strategy of playing the game. Learning to play the game and nuances between the variations of the game can help you increase your chance of winning mahjong.

Learn To Discard Tiles in Mahjong

Discarding tiles is one of the most important aspects of mahjong. You need to learn to discard the right tiles and learn how to ban your opponents from knowing what hand you are playing. There is an order for discarding tiles in mahjong, so you need to follow it strictly, so that you can increase your chance if winning mahjong.

It is important to understand how to discard special and isolated winds of the other players as early as possible, so that your opponent will not be able to pung. You should follow an order while discarding the winds. First you need to discard the east wind, then the wind of the player in your left, player opposite to you and the wind of the player to your right. If you keep your own special wind, your chance of winning will be more.

After discarding winds, you should immediately discard isolated dragons. Otherwise, other players will get a chance to pung. You can keep dragon pairs with you. After discarding isolated and special winds, you can discard terminal tiles. You can choose the smallest sets in your hand to discard. It is worth to keep the 4, 5 and 6 tiles as far as possible. They are more valuable tiles, so keeping those as long as possible can help you get a chance to win mahjong.

Tips to Win Mahjong

It is advisable to learn the tips to win mahjong. There are two possibilities for the game outcome- the game will end with a winner or it will end in a draw. Knowing how to end the game will help you plan your strategy before you start playing the game. Once you select a strategy, stick to it. However, if the game play is different from what you expect, be ready to change the strategy.