Mahjong quest game comes with a twist, which makes it more interesting than other games. You need to pair tiles to receive points and finish levels and to help Kwazi in restoring a countryside that was burnt by dragons.

Mahjong Quest Game- Pairing Tiles

Like regular mahjong game, you need to pair tiles that are placed out in a specific pattern to remove them from the board. The aim is to take tiles away from the board as fast as you can. If you use a strategy, you can be more successful. Mahjong quest game offers some hints, if you get struck. You can use the hints to continue the game.

The hints include an indication of the number of available pairs on the screen. There is also an undo feature that lets you backtrack with the hope to get a more favorable result.

Mahjong Quest Game Modes

You can find two game modes in mahjong quest game- fun mode and quest mode. You can select fun mode to plat the mahjong quest game first. This lets you choose from 80 various layouts and different levels of difficulty. The fun mode is ideal for players who want to play the game not for money, but for fun or for improving their game. You can gradually increase the difficulty level and try various layouts until you get confidence.

In quest mode, you can enjoy the thrill and adventure. It requires you to go through30 levels, which lead you to the dragons’ warren. You need to pair mahjong tiles to complete a level. The goal is to pair two yin and yang tiles at the bottom of the layout. If you are able to pair those tiles, you can win the board.

In Mahjong quest game, you need not pair all the tiles before pairing yin and yang tiles and solve the puzzle. However, you can score more points, if you pair more number of tiles. As you move to the next levels, you can earn special tiles that aid you to solve the remaining puzzles. You will be able to restore the charred countryside at the end of the quest.

Benefits of Mahjong Quest Game

Mahjong quest game offers a lot of adventure and excitement. It gives a twist to the regular mahjong game, which takes the gaming experience to new levels. The game comes with 80 different layouts and various levels of difficulty. Hence, all the players can play or practice mahjong game and enjoy fun, no matter what their skill level is.

Flip Side of the Mahjong Quest Game

There is no multiplayer option in Mahjong Quest game, so you will not be able to play against other players. It does not offer an option to create your own layouts. You cannot download new layouts from the internet. Hence, you will not get any new options, after completing the 80 layouts. Despite these disadvantages, mahjong quest game remains a favorite for many players.