Mahjong is not just a mere game. According to many Asian cultures and traditions, it reflects the way life is. Although, Mahjong is considered to be one of the best ways of killing time by many, the game is also highly regarded for the kind of skill it demands from the players.

The game is very popular in China, the land from where it has originated. As one would assume, it is played extensively in this part of the world. Seldom would a Chinese individual spend a week without indulging in Mahjong, such is the craze of this game.

One of the benefits of Mahjong is the fact that it can be played almost anywhere. People are seen playing it in private clubs, birthday parties, resorts, wedding functions, other social functions as well as at home. It is rare to find an entertainment event in China that gets completed without Mahjong competition.

Popularity of Mahjong in Asia is equivalent to that of Golf and Baseball in the United States. According to a number of theories, Mahjong is a game which gives an individual the opportunity to express himself. It enables freedom of expression. It has the ability to give confidence to a person.

Unlike many other games falling in the same league, Mahjong is very easy to learn. This is one of the prime reasons why many players get attracted towards it. People who have indulged in Mahjong from a long time state that the game helps in a long way to improve overall concentration and also reduce hypertension. It also makes the individual lot more alert.

Set consisting of 136 tiles is used in mahjong game. These tiles include Chinese symbols and characters. As many as four players occupy every side of the table. Usually, every player receives thirteen tiles. However, this number may vary depending on the part of the world where the game is being played. The objective of every player is to combine all the tiles before anyone else does. Players also get an opportunity to either pick a tile which a fellow player has discarded or even pick a tile placed on the table.

The next objective of a player is to have a highest scoring hand. The score is determined on the probability of having a particular combination. Higher score would be awarded to the player incase the probability of having a combination is lower.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Mahjong is extremely engaging. According to many players, it is the strategies involved in the game that make it very interesting and exciting.  Also, they believe that challenges faced in Mahjong are similar to those faced in real life. Winning a Mahjong game is not an easy task. This factor makes it even more intriguing. Every Mahjong session throws new challenges, which makes the game even more difficult to crack. There is also a lot of calculation involved in the game.

Mahjong is certainly recommended to all those who want to try their hand at a game that provides excitement alongwith challenges.