Mahjong is a traditional game of China. It is also called as Mahjongg. It is a game that suits all age groups. The secrets of this game to defeat an opponent are skill, calculation and strategy. You need to have luck also other than all these. It is a game that addicts you to it and is mostly played for money. It is a very popular game and has so many variations. So you can choose the style that suits you so that you don’t get bored.

The aim of Mahjong game is cover all sets with 13 to 16 tiles which depend on the style of the game that you are playing. Generally you will find twelve different variations of this game. But many more are added to give different style to this game. You could browse the online rules and tricks to play if you are not very confident. Even books can help you. In the olden days this game was played using tiles and cards but now you can play them online which happens to be a computerized version of the game.

The traditional game involved 2 to 4 players. At that time they were allowed to compete with one another to win. But now since the technology has improved so much you will find that one person can play this game alone. This ensures to give you practice before playing with friends and relatives. Sitting in your house you will be able to play with people around the world. So you can also compete with others for fun or for money. So you will not only be a skillful player but also love the game that you have practiced so far.

The original version of the Mahjong game is still available online so you can download it and play it. This will give you good practice and you can familiarize with the rules of the game. Usually Mahjong game takes at least 10 to 15 minutes to set up, but playing it online benefits you by cutting down the time taken to set up. So the computer sets the game in seconds allowing equal distribution of tiles. One important factor is that no one gets cheated. Whether you are playing online game or real time one, you need to have skills to master yourself in this game. You need to have good observation powers, memory and tactics. You could save a lot of time playing Mahjong online as it reduces the original time taken from 3 hours to much lesser. This is because the moves the computer makes are very fast. So in the same time you can experience more.

If you have an opponent then it will definitely take the same time for the opponent to respond. This may frustrate you sometimes. You could be playing with a person whom you do not know. You may also not know whether the player is a first timer. It could be a person of any age. But once you have decided to play for money you need to put in your entire effort and not end up losing the game or getting addicted to it.