The mahjong Quest game is a mahjong game with a twist. Players must pair tiles, not only to receive points and complete levels, but also to help Kwazi to restore a countryside that was charred by dragons.

Pairing Tiles in the Mahjong Quest Game

As in a regular mahjong game, players are required to pair tiles that are set out in a particular pattern, in order to eliminate them from the board. The goal is to eliminate tiles as fast as you can; however, players tend to be successful if strategy is used. If you are stuck, the Mahjong Quest game offers a limited number hints to help you continue.

These include hints, which indicate how many pairs you have available on the screen, and the undo feature that allows you to backtrack in the hopes of a more favorable outcome.

Game Modes in the Mahjong Quest Game

There are two game modes in the Mahjong Quest game. Players can choose to play the Mahjong Quest game in fun mode. This allows you to choose from one of 80 different layouts with varying levels of difficulty. The fun mode is great for players who are not looking to play mahjong for money or those who are looking to improve their game. You can increase the level of difficulty and try new layouts until you feel confident.

The second game mode in the Mahjong Quest game is quest mode. The quest mode is an adventurous game that requires you to move through 30 levels on your quest which culminates in the dragons’ lair. To complete a level you must pair mahjong tiles. The aim is to be able to pair the two yin and yang tiles at the bottom of the layout. If you pair those two tiles, you win the board.

You do not need to pair all of the tiles before you pair the yin and yang and solve the puzzle, but you will score extra points the more tiles you pair. As you progress further into the game you earn special tiles that help you solve the remaining puzzles. At the end of the quest, the burned countryside will be restored.

Advantages of the Mahjong Quest Game

The Mahjong Quest game incorporates adventure and excitement with the age-old favorite of mahjong. It takes mahjong gaming to a new level with its unique format. There are 80 different layouts with varying degrees of difficulty that are available through the Mahjong Quest game. This means there is plenty of variety for players who are practicing or playing the Mahjong Quest game for fun.

Disadvantages of the Mahjong Quest Game

The Mahjong Quest game does not offer a multiplayer option, meaning that you will not be able to play the game against others. There is no option for creating your own unique layouts for the game and you are not able to download new layouts from the Internet. This means that once you have done the 80 layouts that the Mahjong Quest game provides, you will have no new options.