Mahjong And Where To Get Mahjong Game Downloads

Mahjong is a popular game that originated in China and is sometimes referred to as mah-jongg. Most chinese players, especialy those of Mandarin speaking backgrounds, also call the game ma jiang.

Mahjong is a game that consists of skill, calculation, strategy and to a certain degree, luck. There are several variations of the game and depending on which one is being played, luck can play a minor or dominant factor in determining the winner. The basic premise of the game is that each player is dealt thirteen or sixteen tiles (depending on the variation being played). Each player has a turn of discarding a tile with the goal to make four or five melds/combinations and one pair. Winning is achieved by drawing a new or discarded tile to complete the hand.

There are many mahjong games and variations of mahjong games online.  If you are looking for Mahjong game downloads, you will find many sites on the internet.  One of largest gaming sites “The Fun Zone” has hundreds of mahjong game downloads and many variations of mahjong to play.

If you find there is a mahjong game you don’t prefer to play as it may not suit your tastes, there are so many versions of mahjong game downloads you can get.  Some of the variations of mahjong games are based on ideas such as being on a quest, looking for lost artifacts, escaping to different countries, and one I have seen is that you are on a quest looking for your missing family.

Let’s get to playing some mahjong today !

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